In the pursuit of sustainable success in the world of football, we transcend mere match winning to embrace a more comprehensive vision. On many teams, handing complete control to a single individual, such as the head coach, poses considerable challenges, as his fate is often tied to short-term results.

For us, as consultants, it is our role to be able to facilitate the work of the clubs and make them understand that they must commit to long-term excellence; it is imperative to chart a path to the future. This means prioritizing not only immediate success, but also building solid foundations that allow for sustained growth. The disconnection between the administrative and sports departments hinders transparency and effective execution of the strategy. Therefore, we advocate for a structure of professionals in the sports department who work cohesively, supported by a clear approach and signing the ideal coach to carry out a coherent playing style and club identity.

It is with great enthusiasm that I present “The Pons Model”, endorsed by the prestigious Pons Method Institute. This innovative approach transforms the club’s overall vision and strategy into a distinctive playing style, a unique training methodology, a robust recruitment strategy and a master plan for grassroots football.

This model not only puts the head coach and transfers in proper context, but sets a solid foundation for decades to come. We recognize that this extensive process takes time, but is essential for long-term sustainability.

Pons Method Institute analysis reveals that 85% of clubs face significant strategic challenges. We observe that, in the last decade, the role of the coach has gained extraordinary relevance, surpassing even elite players. This analysis supports our belief in prioritizing long-term processes, identifying where and how the club can stand out in its competitive environment.

Club ownership and management must develop a strong purpose, based on an understanding of context, spanning country, league, level and culture. We seek to stand out based on our merits, defining individualized and specific KPIs to evaluate performance continuously, discarding blind dependence on short-term results.

We understand that “movement” and consistent performance are essential to achieving our ultimate “purpose”: winning. This approach requires visionary leadership, a balanced budget, a long-term football strategy and trained professionals to implement and execute the plan over time.

Thus, we proudly present the Pons Model, designed to inspire and guide our club towards a strategic direction and a more long-term oriented approach in our tireless pursuit of success.

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